Snugglezzz produces sleeping bags in our own Netherlands! This enables us to follow the product control closely and to respond quickly to new developments!

Another determining factor is to produce the sleeping bags in the Netherlands and not in China, for example. This with the idea of not letting children work in large factories under terrible conditions.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote healthy sleep. We also think it is important that you have a warm sleeping bag for inside and outside that feels nice and comfortable.

Of course we also did our best to make a nice looking sleeping bag with many cheerful prints.

Other points that are very important to us: Safety, comfort and quality. So when you decide to purchase a sleeping bag from Snugglezzz you can be convinced that:

  • you choose a sleeping bag that meets today's conditions and needs.
  • you choose a sleeping bag with a beautiful print of good quality and with a sturdy zipper.
  • you choose a sleeping bag that only uses high-quality materials and beautiful fabrics with cheerful prints.
  • you choose a brand that offers the largest collection of adult sleeping bags!
  • you choose a sleeping bag that protects you against the cold both during the day and in the evening.
  • you choose a fair trade sleeping bag that meets the Oeko-tex quality mark (no harmful substances, better for the skin and health).